What do Teachers, Psychologists and Scientists say?

Max Rhymes is a powerful tool to help children reach their full potential … a benefit for all of humanity, since a child’s behavior will ultimately influence the evolution of us all."
- Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD

"Through Max, children can begin to learn about compassion, gratitude, and valuing relationships. These are important life skills to support a child’s overall social and emotional health."
- Arisve Rodriguez, LCSW

"The Max Rhymes series have simple, rhyming stories that will engage young readers and delight parents. Follow Max the mouse as he navigates growing up, being responsible, and being grateful."
- Miranda J. Gabriel, Psy.D

What do Parents and Grandparents like you say?

"The Max Rhymes Books are a major hit at the house. I have Alessandra running around telling me she cleaned her room like Max, brushed her teeth like Max, picked up her toys like Max. It's funny!"
- Greg P

"When I came across the Max Rhymes website, I immediately purchased the books and I translated the content into my son's mother language. He simply loves the books. I am very thankful and happy for having them!"
- C. Gerlec

"Holy cow, why can’t all books be like this...showing manners and being helpful! Exactly what young kids need to be reminded of. Thank you for making great books!"
- D. Williams