Although we have a lot of science packed into the simplest of tools, the best part for you, as a parent, is you won't have to think about any of that. Just read, as you normally would, as early and young as possible.

Your child will soon have the Max Rhymes books memorized and will appear to be reading even before your child can sound out letters. Through this process, your child will start creating a positive belief system which will stay with your child forever!

"My aunt bought the set of books for my son and we absolutely love them!! When we first started reading them we were like holy cow, why can’t all books be like this...showing manners and being helpful! Exactly what young kids need to be reminded of! Thank you for making great books!" 
- Denise Mackenzie Williams


As your child reads more about Max Rhymes, his sister Molly, and their friends, you may start to notice your child is behaving more like Max. Children have what science calls "mirror neurons" which cause children to emulate both good and bad role models. As Max Rhymes teaches the core values we all want our children to grow up with, your child will begin emulating Max just as he/she would any other close friend.  

"Thank You For The Max Rhymes Books. They are a major hit at the house. I have Alessandra running around telling me she cleaned her room like Max, brushed her teeth like Max, picked up her toys like Max, it's funny." 
- Greg P