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All rhyme books

My 2 yr old Ioves the stories & finding the little stack of book . Really helps him stay attentive.

Valuable gift to my daughter

One of the best gift i've even given to my 4 year old daughter. Love the simplicity of the book concept.


I think my set was minus one book. The title "max gives thanks to god" was not in my set. It looked like one book was missing in the box i received snd thats the title i do not have. Please advise. Thanks. Karen Sue Morton Bisbano

The Hardcover Book Set (Ages 5-8)

Never received the product

Hi Carol, so sorry for the delay. We shipped right away, but virtually every shipping carrier was overwhelmed by the record online buying with Covid and the holidays stacked together. However, they are finally getting caught up and things are moving. I tracked yours and it shouldn't be long for arrival. Thank you for your patience. Max Rhymes

Max Rhymes

My granddaughter listened to the book two times in a row looking at FaceTime! She identified with the characters and the message. She’s 3!

1 Year okd

May still be a little young for understanding but it’s a great book and I wanted to make sure she had it!

Hi Joyce. Don't worry about the child being too young. She'll have every one of our rhymes memorized before she can speak, let alone read and you'll notice the magic happen down the road. She'll learn rapidly, but you won't notice right away due to her age. Just read over and over and she'll learn everything the books are sharing. Thank you, Max Rhymes

Love him!

Our granddaughter loves the books, and now she loves her Max doll, to!

Max Rhymes

Looks wonderful! Going to be a Valentines gift❤️


"Max" Ultra-Soft Luxury Plush Doll (Ages 0-100)


My 6 and 4 year old grandsons love Max! I read their books to them while they hold their Max dolls. Later, we had a race with miniature cars and the two Max dolls were our audience! We especially had fun with the wiry tail! Love the books too!!

My granddaughters love them!

The girls didn't budge during the entire reading!

Love the books

Their 1st pick now!!!!

I got these for my 6yo,3yo,1 1/2yo, grandbabies! It has been their 1st pick for nighttime books & even potty time books! It's hard to get them to quiet down for bed time.
But in just the last couple weekends they R repeating lines & picking out characters , even the 3yo is into it & wanting to repeat after me! The 6yo is reading a line then me, he loves to read! But still ♡'s to B read to!
I would really like some books in the line that have....Potty Training! Gratitude! Empathy! , Contributing to household!, Anger (how to get control of U'rself when anger takes over!) Being nice to younger bro.(Cuz, U'r teaching them to B mean! to U! Those would B fantastic to add!!!

Hard Cover Set + Activity Book + Plush Doll (Ages 5-8)

The Board Book Set (Ages 0-4)


I have a year old greatgrandson and look forward to sharing these books with him in another year or two. They are great! I was hoping for books more suitable for his age range. I do see you advertise “0” years. I’d love to see books appropriate for 1-2 year olds. More pictures than words! HELP!!

Hi Marilyn. If you go to our website and read about the science behind our rhymes and/or go to youtube and type in Max Rhymes, watch some of our videos. You'll find the books were designed for children directly from birth and even the third trimester. It's a myth that we should 'simplify' books for the youngest of children. Your great grandson will have every one of our rhymes memorized before he can even speak, let alone read, and the magic of learning will be noticed by all down the road. Trust in the process and just read them over and over. You won't get the instant gratification a 3 or 4 year might provide, but it's a gift to have these read at the youngest of ages. Thank you, Max Rhymes

It was a very cute 5 book set & introduced manners at a young age. I liked that. The little boy I gave the books to, is named Max so he loved seeing his name.

Great little books

I loved reading these books to my great-grandson.

Grandson loves these books

My two year old grandson is already loving Max and these stories. My son said they mention Max and he does what he is told without question. Great investment for our future generation. I recommend these books to everyone with young children or grandchildren. He even sleeps with the Max doll every night:)

The Board Book Set (Ages 0-4)

Set of 4

Some better tan others.

I am very happy with these books

Great gift

I purchased the book set and the Max character toy for my 22 month old great-grandson. My granddaughter reports that he loves them both and they’re of good quality. That means I’ll purchase more as he grows.