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Based on 142 reviews
I LOVE these...

I LOVE these sweet inspirational rhymes for kids...and for adults too! They are easy to remember phrases that help kids remind themselves to be kind and put things into perspective. Key to life. I gave this book to my 14 year old daughter to help her get through those fun teenage moments as well!

Brillant books for kids!!

Brilliant books for kids!! I have all three of the books these authors have written and they are wonderful! Kids learn such important lessons through perfect rhymes and fun characters and bright illustrations. I've given them to friends and family and they have been a huge hit with parent and kids! Keep these books coming Todd and Jackie Courtney!

My daughter loves...

My daughter loves the characters and I LOVE the messages of kindness Max Rhymes shares

We are loving these...

We are loving these Max Rhymes Books because of the positive lessons that they instill

Highly recommend them

This girl and her books! Her favorite books are from Max Rhymes
and we love them because they teach positive values, manners,
gratitude, responsibility and a whole lot more! Highly recommend
them- Kennedy LOVES them!

We love these books!

Baby Liam already learning valuable lessons, it’s always good to
start them young and teach them about the important things in
life Max Rhymes we love these books!

Max Rhymes are a must have

It’s freakin cold here today so we’ll be doing a lot of this.. sleeping Max Rhymes are a must have.

A favorite read

A favorite read Get Inspired with Max! These little books and all that they do!

Absolutely the cutest...

Absolutely the cutest book series, I will be giving these as gifts!

Story time before bed...

Story time before bed* check out this books Max Rhymes books
that bring positive values and virtues, such as manners,
responsibility, gratitude and God

I love Max Rhymes book series

TEACH your CHILDREN WELL …. Since I’m all about raising the
best humans possible, I love Max Rhymes book series


We LOVE,LOVE LOVE your books

Max please!!

Linc currently asks for “Max please!!” a set from Max Rhymes….
and call me crazy, but I think they’re helping him be better at
picking up his toys


Y’all, if you’re in the throes of the terrible twos- I PROMISE it gets
better. Max Rhymes has some great books to help with just that

Nora is...

Nora is liking our new books from @MAxRhymes

Teach super valuable lessons

Super short , hardback books that teach super valuable lessons!

Favorite board book series

Raise happy, positive and responsible kids. Our favorite board
book series right now is Max Rhymes Book series. Their favorite
book from the series is BE RESPONSIBLE LIKE MAX

Give your toddlers...

Give your toddlers a positive self- image!

Obsessed with these...

I think passing down good values to your children is one of the
best ways you can show that you love them. To teach them
responsibility, kindness, manners, love for themselves and others,
friendship and most importantly good self-esteem. Leading my
example is obviously the most effective, but reading about it
can’t hurt either! Obsessed with these Max Rhymes books- We
always read them before we go to bed

So wonderful

We have been reading reading the books for his night reading, so
wonderful! Thank you again.

Mom's Choice Award

After reading this book and then watching my toddler pick it up
over and over again, it was no surprise to find out that is has the
Mom’s Choice Award.

The kids love love...

The kids love love the books!

Thank you so much

‘It makes no difference what other people see. The only thing
that matters is what’s inside of me.” - Todd&Jackie Courtney
Thank you so much @MaxRhymesbooks for baby Free’s first set of
books!!! Their books are scientifically written to help your child
excel into and through adulthood. I look forward to teaching my
son about inspiration, Giving Thanks, and Responsibility with the
help of your books.


Max Rhymes books are amazing!! They’re from my home town, and I adore them.

Love, love...

Love, love the books!!!