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Hi Deborah. I just saw your note and we shipped on March 6th and it's March 20th. I checked tracking and it shows it's still in transit. Odd to take this long even going to Hawaii. Given the shutdown with the corona virus, I'm wondering if it slowed things down. I will forward tracking to you as well. So sorry for the inconvenience.
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Thank you for you review. We don't do special packaging on the plush because so many use as gifts and wrap themselves. This saves on trash and the environment. Much like buying a plush off the shelf and the store putting it in a bag. The plush itself is made by one of the best high end plush companies and they don't come much softer than Max. To clarify on the books, our intention is to bring back core values in the mainstream. So, although we are Godly people, our focus is on the basics. You're right about the activity book and in fact, after talking with another teacher, we're changing the age appropriateness to 4 as you suggested as well. Thank you again as it takes a village to spread good cheer!
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Thank you for your review Diane. If you'll allow me to explain our methodology, it might help understand why we took a higher level of learning approach. We can teach down to children or teach up to children; either way they're going to learn. In the same way they can learn multiple languages at the same time, they will also learn the messages in Max Rhymes. In fact, most kids, if read these rhymes very early, will have the books memorized before they can actually read themselves. This is when the magic happens because the children will be acting out the lessons in Max Rhymes well before they can sound out words. If we simply teach content such as ABC123, that's exactly what the child will learn. I hope that helps. Just read over and over and watch in amazement what your grandson learns. I hope this help!