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Hi Susan, I'm so sorry the books haven't arrived yet. With Covid-19, the postal delivery has been very erratic. I'm going to send another set to you today because it's been too long and you should have by now, especially since you're only two states away from us. Be on the lookout for the new package. Thank you, Todd
Not received yet
Hi Judy, Covid19 has slowed the mail down again. I'll keep an eye out for you. Yes, we'll still give you the discount. Nothing to worry about there. Yes, there are two plush dolls, so all is good on the order except the postal delivery. If the condition of the product is damaged, just have your son take pictures for us and we'll make sure you receive new product. Thank you, Todd
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All 5
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Max Rhythms
Love the real Max!
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Excellent book!
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