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Fantastic children’s books

I have two sons, 7 and 4 years old. Every night they ask for the books to read to them and they cuddle there Max dolls. My wife and I are starting to notice better behaviour like the children making the beds, putting there toys away, getting dressed etc.

Highly recommended these books to all parents


Books arrived quickly and were in a cute box set ready to gift to a new mother-to-be.

Board Book Set + Activity Book (Ages 0-4)

Best books for children

I am so very pleased with these books and so is my daughter who received them as a baby shower gift. They are beautiful and sweet and the messages they convey are very much needed today, responsibility, thoughtfulness, politeness and more. The fact that they are expressed in rhyme makes teaching even very young ones so easy.
Thank you Max Rhymes
(My grandson is named Max☺️)

Board Book Set + Activity Book + Plush Doll (Ages 0-4)

My granddaughters just love the Max doll. They hold onto him while we read the books. It is so cute.

Excellent product!

The books are just amazing! Love them!

Fantastic Books

My grand daughter is loving these books!! She also loves the Max stuffed animal! Would recommend these books!

Love ir

In today’s world, we as adults have an obligation to the children in our lives to teach them how to be wonderful, loving citizens of the world. Character building lies in the hands of society and in many ways we have dropped the ball. These books are a great tool to help us turn the light back on❤️

Wonderful Books!

My grand daughter who is 3 absolutely loves the books and also loves the Max stuffed animal! Great investment.

Nice book but reading level is not right. Way too simple for 7/8 year olds

Great books!

I purchased these for my nearly 2 yr old grandson. I love them and will enjoy reading to him. I love the little “hidden books”. Nice feature to use as he grows to understand.

children series

Very good.

Kids, parents, grands and great grands wewre all in ageement~~GREAT!

Bought as a gift , so can’t provide any feedback!

These books are everything I expected. My granddaughter loves them. So do I.

Fun Learning Activity Book for Kids (Ages 3-8)


The three year old loves the books and is asking for his parents to read the books over and over.

Hardcover Set (Ages 5-8)
Christine Fulcher

I sent them directly to my grandson. My son says he loves them. Thank u.


I have not received the books yet

Hi Karen, I looked up the tracking and your package was shipped on the 26th and delivered 3 days later on the 29th. I will send you a direct email. Thank you, Max Rhymes

I havent read it yet. Ordered it for my grand baby who is too young for it. She’s only 14 months old . Plan to read it to her when she’s able to talk clearly!

Thank you for the note Clarita as I'm glad you sent it. Max Rhymes was created based on the latest research in brain science. Otherwise, we probably would have never written them. It is a misconception to wait until the child can speak clearly. In a perfect world, you want to start reading from 3rd trimester or at least right from birth. Your granddaughter will have every one of our rhymes memorized before she can speak, let alone read, as long as you simply read to her. It's much like learning any language. As long as you speak to the baby as you would to any other person, the baby will learn the language you speak. If we limit what we teach to something simple, such as ABC/123 that is what they will learn. In the same way, if you read Max Rhymes very early and consistently, that is also what the baby will learn. I hope that helps! Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions on the science behind Max Rhymes. Thank you, Todd. Co-creator of Max Rhymes

We are so so in love with Max and his messages

Thank you. I have read them to my almost one year old granddaughter as she holds Max. I bought a Max for her and one each for my 6 year old grandsons Love the messages. They love the rhyming. Thank you. Nana in illinois

Max is awesome.


Was not impressed with them
Thought the price was high for the books.
Considering returning them.

Hi Pat, Thank you for your feedback. We realize no product gets 100% satisfactory marks. As adults, we have a tendency to overthink things and sometimes miss the value in simplicity. (I’m guilty of this at times) If we put trust in the process, the children will learn from these books due to capitalizing on early brainwaves and teaching various positive lessons. The children will have these positive traits lodged in the subconscious forever. That’s when the magic will happen. Empathy, responsibility, self-worth, etc. will all be elevated over a short period of time.

I’m not trying to sway you, but rather wanting you to look through the lens of the child rather than an adult. If you’re not happy down the road, we’ll still provide you a 100% refund.
Read this from a PhD and founder of First Play Therapy: “Founded upon the latest research in neuroscience, Todd and Jackie Courtney have created a high quality series of children’s books that positively reach children at a deeper level of consciousness. The heartwarming Max Rhymes stories artfully captures the warmth of childhood positive values for varied developmental stages that will inspire children for a lifetime of learning. This will be a treasured resource for parents (grandparents too!), educators and mental health practitioners for years to come.”
I hope that helps.

Loved the books

Very pleased both both sets one with God and the Thankful book.