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Is Artificial Intelligence Going to Help or Hinder your Child’s Chances on Success?

Posted by Todd Courtney on

Is Artificial Intelligence Going to Help or Hinder your Child’s Chances on Success?

Before I attempt to answer the question in the above, named title to this blog, let me first give you my definition of success, as it may vary from your own.  Oh, and if you think this article is for older children, think again. When you get to the end of this article, you’ll understand why it’s imperative for every parent with a child, especially newborns and toddlers, to be aware of this knowledge!

As a parent, I define raising a successful child as one who is confident in his/her abilities to go out and tackle the world.  One who is not afraid to take chances. One who is not defined by his/her material gains, but rather what one has done to take advantage of the world’s beautiful wonders while at the same time making the world a better place for others.

Now, let’s go back to the original question. On the surface, it may appear to be a simple question which might provide a simple answer. However, the reality is most of us don’t really know what the bi-product is going to be as it relates to the futures of our children.  Will there be jobs for the masses? Or, will AI get so good, so fast, that robotics take the majority of our jobs? Have you seen what’s happened to our factory workers in the past 20 years alone? Just think how much better AI will make robots over the next 20 years.

You might think higher intelligence and a high level of education is the cure and will be the answer for your child.  Maybe a doctor or lawyer? Or, perhaps an engineer!

Let’s take a look at surgical procedures.  So many are using computer devices today.

Robots don’t get tired, they don’t get shaky, they don’t have to deal with a sick child at home keeping it up all night only to have to perform surgery the next day.  What about the law? How fast can a computer come up with every law and case study concerning a client vs. a human? And, if being an engineer is the answer, why are Jack Ma, Founder of Ali Baba, the Chinese version of the U.S.’s Amazon, and Elon Musk, Founder of Tesla and SpaceX, so concerned about AI and the future of our children, your children?



I realize and surely believe there will be many careers available where a human will always be necessary. However, I’m not as concerned with the minority as I am the majority. That’s my concern because the majority of people on this planet are not wealthy, are not privileged, probably won’t be highly educated and therefore have a much higher chance of being left behind.  That alone scares the hell out of me when I think about all of us on a whole, humanity!


As you learn from this, how would you answer the question in the title of this blog as it relates to your child or children?  My objective is not to project fear, but rather awareness.  Without some level of awareness, you might be blindsided after it’s too late to do anything about it.  So, maybe the next important question is, what can we do about it?  

Go back to my definition of defining success of a child. If the majority could embrace this philosophy of raising children who are confident, willing to take risks, embrace the world around them and always focus on what’s best for everyone, then it’s my belief that it won’t matter what technology brings us around every corner of life.  A confident person will know how to adapt, modify, and embrace change; the only thing that stays constant!

Go back and re-watch the short second video of Jack Ma. His very first words talk about having values, believing, independent thinking, care for others; all the soft parts of the human.  This type of knowledge is what’s going to keep our children, your children, different than computers/robots. Only then will our children be needed over a computer when it comes to work, a job, a career!  Okay, you might say, “so now what?” “What can I do to help my child/children succeed in the future?”

I think much of the answer to that question comes from the research of Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD., Cellular Biologist, Medical School Professor, Pioneer on Epigenetics, Best Selling Author, and World Renown Speaker. In my next blog, I will explain some of Dr. Lipton’s research, in laymen’s terms, so you have a good understanding of what you can do to provide your child/children with a huge advantage over most all other children on this planet. Think about that for a moment.  The ability to provide a huge advantage for your child/children!  That’s every parent’s dream!

I think you’ll be shocked to find how simple the solution might be for such a complex topic.


Until next time!


Todd J Courtney, co-author

Max Rhymes